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960 CSS-Framework für DotNetNuke Skins

The CSS-Framework 960.gs helps you to convert simple grid-based layouts with CSS. It's very slim so the time it takes to familiarise oneself with the framework is small.

Advantages of 960 grid system CSS-Framework:

  • very slim, no "bloated" code
  • wenig Einarbeitungszeit
  • rapid for converting simple grid layouts
  • design templates for Photoshop, Fireworks etc.

Disadvantages of 960 grid system CSS-Framework:

  • No separation of content / design
    • Works like a table based layout 
    • No support for mobile devices
    • No support for print optimizations
  • Suitable for simple grid layouts only
    • Everything that does not comply with the grid specifications has to be realized by do-it-yourself